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Chaplains of Anglican Schools in Western Australia

All Saints' College


The Reverend Helen-Jane Corr


Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School


The Reverend Geoff Chadwick


Christ Church Grammar School


The Reverend Nicholas Russell

The Reverend Frank Sheehan 

Esperance Anglican Community School



Frederick Irwin Anglican School


The Reverend Noel Oakey


Georgiana Molloy Anglican School


The Reverend Earle Chamberlain


Geraldton Grammar School



Guildford Grammar School


The Reverend Dr Philip Raymont

The Reverend Barry Moss 

Hale School


The Reverend Alan Forsyth


John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School

The Reverend Cheryl Absalom

The Reverend Liz Pemberton

John Wollaston Anglican Community School



Peter Carnley Anglican Community School




Perth College


The Reverend Lisa Ahuja

The Reverend Pat Deeny

Peter Moyes Anglican Community School

The Reverend Dave Deeny

The Reverend JP Schroeder

Ms Linda Pilton

St George's Anglican Grammar School


The Very Reverend Richard Pengelly (P/T)


St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls


The Reverend Jon Cornish


St James' Anglican School


The Reverend John Taylor


St Mark's Anglican Community School

The Reverend Scott Rowland

The Reverend Brad Galvin

Ms Rowena McMicking

St Mary's Anglican Girls' School


The Reverend Canon Gerry Nixon


Swan Valley Anglican Community School


Mr David Entwistle