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The Association

Standing Committee

WAASA appoints a Standing Committee.  Membership of the Standing Committee comprises:

  • the Archbishop of Perth, or her nominee, who will Chair the Standing Committee;
  • two Chairs of School Councils, or their nominee from their School Council, one from an autonomous Member Anglican school and one from a systemic Member Anglican school;
  • four Principals, two from autonomous Member Anglican schools and two from systemic Member Anglican schools;
  • the Chair of the Anglican Schools Commission or his/her nominee;
  • the Chief Executive Officer of the Anglican Schools Commission, who will be a non-voting member and will appoint an Executive Officer for the Association and the Standing Committee.


The Standing Committee meets once a term.


The quorum for a meeting of the Standing Committee will be four members, of whom at least three must be Chairs and/or Principals.


Decision-making shall be by a simple majority of those present.


The Terms of Reference for the WAASA Standing Committee are: 

  • To address matters referred by the Association, the President and Diocesan Bishops, Synods, Regional Councils and School Councils.
  • To consider issues relating to the establishment and development of new Anglican schools.
  • To consider matters relating to Chaplaincy and Religious Studies.
  • To consider what it means in our contemporary context for Anglican schools to be an expression of the Church's mission to young people and their families.
  • To explore issues of common interest and concern.
  • To recommend to the Association the annual contribution for Membership and Associate Membership.
  • To promote Anglican schooling in Western Australia.


Process for the Appointment of Members to the Standing Committee

The following process will be adopted in relation to the Appointment of Members to the Standing Committee.


All members, except the Chair of the Standing Committee, the Chair of the Anglican Schools Commission and those employed by the Anglican Schools Commission, will be appointed to serve a two-year term (renewable), commencing at the beginning of a school year and concluding at the end of a school year.


Process of Appointment

The Executive Officer will call for nominations.

  • Autonomous Anglican schools will be requested to nominate one Chair, two Principals and one Chaplain from autonomous Anglican schools.
  • The Anglican Schools Commission will be requested to nominate one Chair, two Principals and one Chaplain from schools of the Anglican Schools Commission.
  • A school will not have more than one representative on the Standing Committee.
  • The Executive Officer will compile a list of nominations.


The Association will appoint members as follows:

  • If the number of nominations received equals the number of positions to be filled, the Association will appoint those nominated to membership of the Standing Committee.
  • If the number of nominations received exceeds the number of positions to be filled, the Archbishop will determine the person or people to be appointed from the list of nominees.
  • If there are insufficient nominations to fill the vacant positions on Standing Committee, the Archbishop may appoint members at her discretion to fill the vacant positions.
  • If a Chair, Principal or Chaplain leaves the Standing Committee for whatever reason part way through their term of office, the Archbishop will appoint a person to fill the vacancy to serve until the term of the former member is due to expire.