Staff Programs

WAASA’s mission is to enable Anglican schools across Western Australia to do things together, especially in relation to the Anglican identity of our schools. A prime vehicle for this is the network of ordained and lay Chaplains within Anglican schools, and especially through their gatherings each term to worship at the Eucharist together and to meet with the Archbishop or another bishop as they share the joys and challenges of their ministries.

Religious educators across WAASA schools also gather three or four times each year for Professional Learning days. These opportunities focus on aspects of the ASC Religious Studies Curriculum available to all WAASA schools, as well as to ASA schools.

At the beginning of their journey as teachers in Anglican schools, new staff attend the WAASA New Staff Induction Day held towards the end of January each year. Here they learn about the Anglican Church’s involvement in education over the past 1500 years, as well as many other facets of the Church’s mission and ministry. New staff are also encouraged as they commence this new phase in their professional life, through the wisdom and expertise shared by teachers and leaders in WAASA schools, by chaplains, the CEO of the ASC and by the Archbishop.

Induction Day for Teachers New to Anglican Schools

Religous Educator's Professional Learning Day at Wollaston Conference Centre

Religious Educators Professional Learning Days